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-Suave is a rapper turned producer from Houston, TX. Born in the late 80’s Suave missed most of what is considered the golden era of Hip Hop, but fell in love as soon as he was exposed to the art form. He began recording early on to cassette tape with the help of his brother, J~Shawn, and cousin, Clizzy Houston.


He continued to pursue a recording career that eventually peaked his interest in music production. He became so interested that he enrolled in a multi media institution in Orlando FL, where he graduated with an associate degree in recording arts.


After graduation the real test began, the test of patience, endurance, and skill. Through the ups and downs of the music business and in the face of adversity he maintains and evolves.


With the years spent perfecting his craft and all he has learned about music he emerges the next dominate force in music. Peace, Love, Faith, Suave.

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